CO₂ Hop Extract - 1kg Alpha Acid

CO₂ Hop Extract - 1kg Alpha Acid

Efficient and consistent kettle bittering and aroma.

CO2 Hop Extract is prepared from hop pellets using carbon dioxide and contains the alpha acids, β-acids and essential oils of hops. CO2 Hop Extract offers the brewer a concentrated hop product to provide added efficiency and a consistent outcome.


CO2 Hop Extract retains the aroma and the bittering potential of the hops from which it is made. Compared to raw whole hops or hop pellets, the extract is a convenient and concentrated alternative. Since the brewing characteristics of the original hops are maintained, an early addition to the kettle imparts mainly bitterness while late addition will result in a carry-over of the volatile oils in beer.

Fully Dispersible. Easy and clean with a reduced spent hops load.

Reliable. Created to a standardised specification to give consistent results. 

Solid Foundation. Ideal to impart a consistent “base bitterness” on which to build. 

Hop Derived. Extract of hop cones that requires no additional labelling.

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