Mandarina Bavaria BBC Pure Hop Pellet™ 5kg


Mandarina Bavaria BBC Pure Hop Pellet™ 5kg

A very pleasant fruity variety with distinctive tangerine and citrus notes. The variety was bred at the Hop Research Institute Hull and released in 2012. Mandarina Bavaria was bred in response to the craft beer industrys demand for bold tastes and differentiating flavours. As you'd expect from the name the aroma tends toward a mandarin citrus and the flavour profile can include pineapple, lemon, strawberry, gooseberry and cassis.

The BBC Pure Hop Pellet™ is produced using a finer, more uniform grind than standard Type 90 pellets. A sub-zero process – milling and sieving takes place at approx. -35°C (-31 °F) – to prevent hop resins and essential oils from oxidation. The resulting pellets offer a more intense aroma and flavour. 

Alpha w/w 7.0 - 10.0%
Beta w/w 4 - 7%
Caryophyllene (of total oil) 1 - 5%
Cohumulone 31 - 35%
Farnesene (of total oil) <1%
Humulene (of total oil) 5 - 15%
Myrcene (of total oil) 71%
Total Oils mls/100gm 1.5 - 2.2
Fruity & Citrus
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