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Meet the team

Misfits but we fit together

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’re an odd bunch of nutters here at Simply Hops, but we’re not lying when we describe ourselves as family.

There is no marketing ploy; we are simply a random group of people from various walks of life, who laugh and cry, bicker and work together, all to do the best job we can possibly do. We are the Simply Hops family, say hi!

Phil Lowry
Sales Manager
Simply Hops
Dave Hewitt
North European Sales
Simply Hops
Benedikt Matsche
Key Accounts Manager UK
Simply Hops
Raimon Cooper
Simply Hops and BarthHaas
Florian Perschel
Territory Manager
Nic Donald
UK Craft Sales
Simply Hops
Maria Bailey
Customer Service Manager
Simply Hops
Deborah Morgan
Customer Service Team Leader
Simply Hops
Louisa Thompson
Customer Service
Simply Hops
Sarah Goddard
Internal Sales Coordinator
Simply Hops
Will Longmate
Contract Manager
Simply Hops
Dan Christmas
Marketing Manager
Simply Hops
Emily Swann
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Simply Hops
Maia Kazaks
European Events Manager
Simply Hops
John Willetts
Simply Hops

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