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Advanced Extract Products

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Advanced Extract Products

PHA Classics and Varietals are designed to achieve a fully rounded flavour with traditional hop aromas. If you want to diversify your product development quickly and simply, or balance out slight flavour variations, our PHA® Classics are the product for you.

These highly concentrated, natural hop oil fractions are 100% soluble and reflect traditional aroma categories such as woody, citrus or spicy. They are pure aroma products with no bitterness – easy to dose, suitable for light-stable products and perfect for non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers. PHA® Classics also minimize your beer loss, offering an efficient alternative to pellets.

PHA Topnotes give your beer a typical dry-hopped aroma of selected varieties – perfect for brewing products with a clear hoppy character. These 100 % soluble, pure varietal hop oils without bitterness are a natural way of replicating the aroma of hop varieties such as Cascade, Perle and Mt Hood. Easy and efficient to dose, and suitable for light-stable products, they are an alternative to pellets and will also minimize your beer loss.

Incognito™ aroma extract, which is flowable at room temperature, ensures maximum hop flavour with minimum process loss thanks to its highly concentrated flavour components. Thanks to its low viscosity, this pure hop varietal product is perfect for late hopping in modern whirlpool equipment with low solid matter capacity. It is simple to dose without the need for special equipment, will have reduced storage and transportation costs and low nitrate load. The beer loss is significantly lower compared with using pellets for late hopping. This product is produced from CO2 hop extract and is mixed with the hot wort before pouring into the whirlpool.