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CO2 Extract/Bittering

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CO2 Extract/Bittering

CO2 hop extract is an alternative to using raw hops or T90 pellets, whilst still retaining the aroma and bittering potential of the variety from which it is made. Using carbon dioxide to extract alpha acids, beta acids and essential oils from the pellets, this extract offers the brewer a concentrated hop product that can provide added efficiency and flexibility.


Are you looking to achieve a precise bitterness in your beer? And would you prefer to do that at the end of the brewing process, to optimize efficiency? IsoHop® is the answer you have been looking for. An aqueous solution of pure iso-alpha acids, standardized to 30%, IsoHop® is easy to add in precise doses and designed to be used during the filtration process with an exceptional yield. IsoHop® is produced from CO2 hop extract (no aroma, just bitterness) and has an antimicrobial effect when added to the beer. It is the perfect product when it comes to correcting and also partially replacing bitterness.


Would you like to use green or clear glass to bottle your beers? With Redihop®, you can stop your brews becoming light-struck. An aqueous solution of pure rho-iso-alpha acid, Redihop® is perfectly suited to replacing iso-alpha bitterness. This gives your beer a particularly high level of light stability. The bitterness introduced by Redihop® is often described as smooth, harmonious and pleasant.

Tetrahop Gold®

Do you believe that an authentic beer needs a proper head of foam? Tetrahop Gold® gives you bitterness that enhances both the foam and its clinging properties. An aqueous solution of pure tetrahydro-iso-alpha acid, it is perfect for adding a natural flavour with low bitter units. In addition, its light-stabilizing effect allows the beer to be bottled in green and clear glass.