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Our Products Explained


How do we deliver the hops of your choice? With exactly the preparation you need; reliably preserved aromas and bitter substances as well as the best brewing properties. You can buy them (quality tested and nitrogen flushed) as dried whole hops or as pellets.

Whole Hops. These are exactly that. The whole hop cones dried and prepared as they come from the farm. The are quality tested packaged in nitrogen flush foils and delivered to you.

Type 90 (T90) Pellets. These are the most similar to the classic Whole Hop. Containing over 90% of the non-resinous elements within the hop, they are the perfect substitute for those not wanting to alter the flavour of their original whole hop recipes.

Type 45 (T45) Pellets. The T45 pellet has 45% of vegetative matter remaining and is milled at sub-zero temperatures. This prevents the lupulin becoming sticky and preserves the flavour and quality. If you are looking for high impact alpha acid and low waste, then this is the pellet for you.

BBC Pure Hop® Pellet. Originally developed in collaboration with Boston Brewing Company these can be considered the perfect middle ground between tradition and experimentation. When it comes down to the foundation of the pellet, its composition is most similar to the T90. As much of the original whole hop is retained as possible, with the exception of losing a large percentage of the coarse fraction. Sounds pretty standard, until you grind to a far finer uniform grade at sub-zero temperatures like you would a T45 pellet. Suddenly, the lupulin that was already throwing incredible flavours into the mix is acting like it’s on steroids. The lupulin rich fraction is combined with the best part of a whole hop, pressed into an incredibly fine and soft formed pellet that was designed around increasing operational benefits. The BBC pellet is the best of both worlds, and is the perfect pellet for your dry hopping needs, reducing beer waste and increasing impact.